When Should You Schedule Your First Prenatal Visit?

When Should You Schedule Your First Prenatal Visit?

It's remarkable how, once you find out that you're pregnant, your to-do list suddenly grows at an incredible speed. Yesterday, you were just responsible for yourself and perhaps a pet. Today, you have another human being dependent on you for life, and you want to give prenatal visithim or her the very best possible.

That's why you should visit Dr. Karen Beckman or Dr. Alejandro Mones at Riverside Pediatrics for your prenatal care. Making a prenatal visit with a pediatrician offers a number of benefits you simply cannot find in any other way.

1. A Great Pediatrician

You never really know if your child's pediatrician is a good fit for your family until you've spent some time with him or her. Don't wait until your newborn has a dangerously high fever to find out that your child's pediatrician isn't a good fit for your family. By seeing your child's pediatrician for your prenatal visits, you can start building that relationship early.

2. Continuous Care

Seeing one professional for your care and a different professional for your child's care can easily result in missed symptoms and incorrect diagnoses if your child's pediatrician doesn't have all of the right information after your baby is born. By seeing the same pediatrician both before and after your baby is born, your child's pediatrician will be in a better position to catch and properly diagnosis any problems as soon as possible.

3. Simplified Billing

With bills coming in from every direction after your baby is born, keeping track of all of them can be a huge hassle. Instead of trying to balance payments with multiple doctors, each of which has his or her payment policies, keep things simple by seeing one doctor for both your prenatal and your baby's childhood care.

4. Convenient Visits

While additional children may not be on your radar yet, chances are they will be someday. When this day comes, don't drive all over town, visiting one pediatrician for prenatal care and another for care for your children. Make things easy on yourself by bringing both yourself and your children to Riverside Pediatrics. While this may be a minor detail now, it will be a huge advantage later on.

As a pregnant woman, you and your baby deserve the best care. Make sure you get it. Schedule an appointment with a qualified, friendly pediatrician at Riverside Pediatrics today.

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