What to Know About School and Sports Physicals

What to Know About School and Sports Physicals

Child School and Sports PhysicalsFind out what to expect when your child comes in for their physical examination.

Whether your child is getting ready to go off to a sports camp for the summer or just can’t wait to participate in their local sports team there are some things you will need to do before your child can do either of these things. One thing that is required of every child before taking part in a sports program, camp or new fitness regime is a physical examination, also known as a school and sports physical. Your Greenwich pediatricians at Riverside Pediatrics give you the lowdown on physical examinations, and what you and your child can expect.

The purpose of a physical examination

The main goal of a school and sports physical is to make sure that your child is healthy enough for the physical activity that they want to participate in. Therefore, during your child’s physical examination we will check their overall health, discuss their current fitness regime and any past injuries to determine your child’s risk of developing an injury. We will also find out if your child has any diagnosed medical conditions that could affect their physical activity. Your child’s overall well-being will also be assessed.

When your child should get a physical examination

Any time your child participates in a sports team or league you will need to schedule an annual physical examination with your Greenwich pediatrician. We highly recommend that you get this physical examination at least six weeks before the start of the season. This window between the physical examination and the actual start of the game allows for any health problems or injuries to be addressed and cared for before participating in any sports.

Also, keep in mind that physical examinations may vary depending on the sport. Also check with the sports administrator to make sure that you have all the necessary requirements to be approved for participation.

If your child wants to participate in a new sporting endeavor then it’s time to schedule a physical examination with your Greenwich pediatrician at Riverside Pediatrics, LLP

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