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By Riverside Pediatrics, LLP
April 24, 2014
Category: Children's Care
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pediatric urgent care greenwich ctWhen your child is sick, he or she doesn’t stick to the weekdays. Your child can get sick any day of the week, day or night, but what makes it difficult is when your doctor’s office is not open. To help when your child is sick, we are happy to be the only pediatric urgent care center in Greenwich, CT! So, what does this mean for you?
Well, whether your child gets sick after hours or on the weekends, we are available to help your child feel better. We know that feeling better can’t wait, which is why our Greenwich, CT urgent care center is available. Our office is even open to children who are Riverside Pediatrics patients. Simply call our office at (203) 629-5800, and we will work with you to get your child healthy again. And in the meantime, we also offer a convenient symptom checker on our website through
The symptom checker allows you to access important health care information around the clock. While some sicknesses require you to visit our urgent care center in Greenwich, there are some symptoms that you can check through this online feature to help you better treat your child at home. We encourage you to utilize the symptom checker whenever your child is sick, but remember, visiting Riverside Pediatrics is always the best way to ensure the health of your child. Our kids doctors in Greenwich are available to make sure your child becomes healthy again.
By Riverside Pediatrics, LLP
March 27, 2014
Category: Children's Care
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At Riverside Pediatrics, LLP, Dr. Karen Beckman is dedicated to providing her patients with the best in quality care at every visit.  Recently, Dr. Beckman was awarded the Castle Connolly Top Doctor award, which showcases top doctors, both nationally and regionally. 
The Castle Connolly Top Doctor award is based on an extensive nominations process and reviewed by their physician-led research team.  This award has been around for more than two decades, and continues to be America’s source for identifying Top Doctors. 
Dr. Karen Beckman was nominated through peer recommendations.  Physicians nominate other doctors whom they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialties, in any area of medicine and in any part of the country.  Through the nomination, each physician will indicate whether they believe that physician is among the best in their region or among the very best in the nation.  By receiving this award/nomination, Dr. Beckman further showcases her dedication and commitment to providing each child with the care they need to remain healthy and happy. 
In addition to the Castle Connolly Top Doctor award, Greenwich Magazine also chose Dr. Beckman as a Fairfield County Top Doctor for 2014, as seen in Greenwich Magazine, Stamford Magazine, Darien-New Canaan Magazine, and Westport Magazine this month.  Greenwich Magazine worked with Castle Connolly for a comprehensive directory of the best medical talent in the area. Through this, Dr. Beckman was chosen as the best in pediatrics.
As a children’s doctor in Greenwich, Dr. Beckman prides herself in her knowledge and expertise in pediatrics, which makes Riverside Pediatrics, LLP the top choice for your child’s health care needs.  With her Castle Connolly Top Doctor award and Fairfield County Top Doctor 2014 award, Dr. Karen Beckman remains the top pediatrician in Greenwich, CT. 
By Riverside Pediatrics, LLP
March 27, 2014
Category: Children's Care
Tags: Immunizations   Greenwich  
Pediatric Immunizations GreenwichAt Riverside Pediatrics, LLP, we want to make sure your child has received their immunizations so they can continue to live healthy lives. Immunizations are an essential part of well-child care, and help to protect the health of the individual child, as well as all of the children in the community as a whole.  Many parents have concerns about immunizations, and may choose to not immunize their children, but it is important to fully understand each immunization.  As a parent, we encourage you to talk to one of our Greenwich pediatricians about immunization scheduling for your child.

Immunizations for Teenagers and Young Adults

Many parents only think of vaccines as something needed for infants and young children, and that they are less important later in life.  However, teenagers and young adults often get a number of vaccine-preventable diseases, including hepatitis B, measles, German measles, and chickenpox.  Teens and young adults need protection against infectious illnesses as well. 
Teenagers are encouraged to see their pediatricians or other physicians on a regular basis, and should keep an updated record of their immunizations.  Many will need more vaccinations as teenagers, particularly if they have not been previously vaccinated against hepatitis B or chickenpox.  Important vaccines for your teenager include:
  • Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)
  • Tetanus-diptheria-acellular pertussis (Tdap) or tetanus-diptheria (Td) booster
  • Influenza
  • Meningococcal
  • Hepatitis A

Vaccinating Children Against Chickenpox

Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine is given to children 12 months of age and older, which has resulted in a significant protection from the disease for infants as well.  Before the U.S. began vaccinating children 12 months of age and older against varicella in 1995, infants were four times more likely to die from a varicella infection compared to children ages 1 to 14 years.  Many states require that children entering day care or school get immunized against chickenpox unless they can show proof of immunity through blood test results or having had chickenpox.
Chickenpox is a common childhood disease that is usually mild, but it can be serious, especially in young infants and adults.  Chickenpox can also:
  • Cause a rash, itching, fever, and tiredness
  • Lead to severe skin infections, scars, pneumonia, brain damage, or death
  • Be spread from person to person through the air, or by contact with fluid from chickenpox blisters
  • Cause a person to develop a painful rash called shingles years later

How Safe are Vaccines?

If you believed everything you heard on TV talk shows or read on the Internet, you might never allow your child to become vaccinated.  However, vaccine opponents often exaggerate or even make up immunization risks, with no specific evidence to support their claims.  Panels of experts have confirmed again and again that today’s vaccines are safer than ever.  In fact, the great risks come when a child is not immunized. 
Before a vaccine is ever approved and licensed, it goes through years of testing for safety and effectiveness.  Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) nor government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would not recommend a vaccine that had not passed the tests for safety and effectiveness.
As a responsible parent, it is important for you to be fully informed on the immunizations available in Greenwich for your child. If you have any questions or concerns, you can talk with one of our pediatricians in Greenwich at Riverside Pediatrics, LLP.  

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