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By Riverside Pediatrics, LLC
October 01, 2018
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Your child is eager to start the school year so they can participate in sports. That’s great news! Keeping your child active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and sports can be a great experience for many children; however, it’s also important that your child’s pediatrician performs a yearly sports physical to make sure that they are ready for physical activity.

A sports physical is necessary for every child regardless of their current health. In fact, some schools make it mandatory for children to get an annual sports physical before they participate in any school sports. Regardless of whether this physical is mandatory or not, it’s highly advised that all children get a sports physical once a year.

Your child’s sports physical will involve going through their medical history and conducting a physical examination. The physical examination is pretty self-explanatory. We will check their vitals, as well as their height and weight. We will perform a vision test and evaluate everything from their heart and respiratory system to their musculoskeletal system. The goal of a physical exam is to make sure that your child hasn’t incurred any past injuries or developed any health problems that could be exacerbated by physical activity.

A pediatrician can also answer questions and provide counseling on nutrition, healthy weight loss or gain, and habits that could help your child’s physical health. Remember to bring any questions along with you.

Besides the physical examination, we will also sit down with you and your child and ask questions about their medical history. It’s important to be as detailed as possible. If it’s the first time they are having a sports physical it’s important to bring in a list of any supplements or medications (both over-the-counter or prescription) that they are currently taking.

We will ask a series of questions to find out if there are any serious or chronic health problems that run in the family, if your child has experienced any past injuries, if they’ve ever undergone surgery or been hospitalized, if they have any allergies or if they have any current disorders or illnesses. It’s important to provide as much detailed history as possible so that our pediatric team can perform a thorough and comprehensive physical.

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your child’s sports physical. It’s important to get your child on the books before the summer is gone and the doctor’s schedule fills up. You don’t want your child being benched during the season because they didn’t get a sports physical. Call your pediatrician today.

By Riverside Pediatrics, LLC
April 14, 2016
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Your child’s health is important. Make sure they get a physical before they get in the game!

Maybe this is the year your child has finally decided they want to get involved in school sports. Before they grab their helmet and head sports physicalout onto the field make sure that they get a sports physical from one of our Greenwich, CT pediatricians, Dr. Karen Beckman or Dr. Alejandro Mones, first. Find out more about the importance of a sports physical and why your child should get one every year.

Why does my child need a sports physical?

A sports physical is an exam that helps your Greenwich, CT children’s doctor determine if your child or teen is healthy enough for the physical activity they want to be involved in. Most schools will expect students to get a sports physical before they can participate. Here are some of the reasons why this physical exam is so important:

  • It can identify any health disorders or conditions like heart problems, asthma or a head injury that could affect their ability to participate.
  • It helps pinpoint and treat old physical injuries such as sprains that may not have been properly rehabbed or treated.
  • It gives your doctor time to discuss important issues with your child such as maintaining a healthy diet or wearing protective gear while playing sports.

What is involved in a sports physical?

When your child comes into our Greenwich office for their physical we will first take your child’s vital signs (heart rate and blood pressure). Then we will go through their detailed medical history being sure to mention any medications they are taking, preexisting conditions, past hospitalizations or surgeries, or any injuries. The next portion will involve the actual physical exam in which we thoroughly exam all parts of your child’s body to make sure everything looks healthy.

It’s highly recommended that child get a sports physical every year before the school year begins (or at least 6 weeks prior to the start of their sports season). If it’s time for your child’s next physical, it’s time to call Riverside Pediatrics, LLC, in Greenwich, CT.

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