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Our family began a relationship with Riverside Pediatrics upon the birth of our first child. Unfortunately my daughter became seriously ill at 5 weeks of age with a horrible intestinal flu and was hospitalized for a total of 11 days. My wife and I were very reassured that our newborn baby girl was going to be okay due to the expertise, concern and support of Dr. Karen Beckman and Dr. Henry Rascoff. Both Karen and Henry were with us providing the keen medical guidance and judgment to help my daughter recover and keep us emotionally strong. We now have a son, James and he too is a patient of Riverside Pediatrics. We are blessed to have a well qualified team of pediatricians at Riverside Pediatrics who are knowledgeable, caring and always accessible when you need them most. How fortunate for the Town of Greenwich to have the best for our children  - Riverside Pediatrics.

-Peter Tesei, First Selectman of The Town Of Greenwich

I’ve recommended this practice to both friends and new moms in the area alike. We couldn’t be happier with the treatment given to our children by the doctors from Riverside Pediatrics.


We are blessed with healthy, beautiful fraternal twins. As a new mom, I am sometimes anxious. Luckily the doctors at Riverside Pediatrics are always available. They allay my concerns and properly and caringly treat my children. Riverside Pediatrics is the place to go for great medicine and warm, compassionate care. My children and I love Dr. Beckman and the staff at Riverside Pediatrics.

My daughter started complaining that her ear hurt a little after 5pm, and our pediatrician's office was closed. I remembered seeing an ad for your after hours service and decided to give it a try. After a short wait we met the doctor, who couldn't have been nicer. He determined that she had an ear infection, prescribed an antibiotic which we picked up at the front desk, and we were on our way!

I can't tell you how great it is to finally have such a convenient service available. I'm so grateful that you have opened this up to children that are not patients of your practice. I've already spread the word to a few friends, and will definitely continue to do so!


We've experienced great care at Riverside Pediatrics. From our son's chronic ear infections, allergies and asthma attacks, we've had an extraordinary number of health items to follow up on.  The doctors and nurses at Riverside Pediatrics are thorough, patient and kind and we always leave feeling like our children have received great care.


Over the last several months, we were extremely thankful to Riverside Pediatrics for extending their office hours. We have had our share of colds and ear aches with three children under four years old. Each and every time, we were greeted by your friendly receptionists (even Christmas night!), checked by your nice and knowledgeable nurse professionals, and then seen by a terrific doctor (and I say that for your entire staff, as I think we have met with just about everyone). The office is immaculate and we love the fact that you have separate sick and well areas. Finally, as a working mother with little time, I found the accessibility of most prescriptions and the convenience of "family flu shots" a terrific time saver and way to safeguard all of us from the flu. Thank you very much from our family. We are lucky to have you and your team in our community.


Over the years that we have been with Riverside Pediatrics we have gotten to know all the doctors in the practice and many of the nurses and office staff as well. Everyone is courteous and friendly. The nurses are great with kids, which I have not always found to be the case elsewhere. The office staff is organized and I've never had a problem with appointment times or billing/insurance which is a relief!


My son had a few health scares over the past several months and Dr. Beckman provided us with extremely sound and caring advice and guidance. She was correct with her assessment in each case and gave wonderful specialist referrals. I trust her with the health and care of my children. I am so grateful for all that she does for our family!


After joining Riverside Pediatrics, we were instantly impressed with the nurturing and intimate environment in which the Doctors, Nurses and staff interact with our family.  It is so comforting for us to know that when faced with any type of medical decision, our children are in the care of such competent and compassionate Doctors and Nurses.


If anyone is looking for a great pediatric office to bring their children to, this is the place to be.


We have had the pleasure to see Dr. Kamath at many walk-in visits and have been extremely impressed with his great care and once again extremely thorough follow-up.  He is a wonderful addition to the Riverside Pediatrics team.


I am thoroughly pleased with Riverside Pediatrics as a whole. The doctors are all professional, with wonderful bedside manners. The facility is convenient, up to date, inviting and very clean. You are rarely waiting for long periods of time, which is important with our busy lives! The after hour care has been icing on the cake. Being able to take my children to my own pediatrician's office after hours, has made those difficult moments, less stressful. I can't say enough about Riverside Pediatrics! They are one of a kind!


I have two young sons who tend to get their bumps, rashes and ear infections at night or on the weekend! Since the day they opened, we have made frequent after hours visits to Riverside Pediatrics. We have received friendly, prompt and professional care from all of the doctors and assistants we have seen - with no exception. - my younger son's chronic ear infections have warranted frequent doctor visits this winter.  I really appreciate that the doctors call in prescriptions to the pharmacy immediately (not simply hand you the slip of paper) and how clean and bright the offices are kept. Parking is easy, too, and the elevator is helpful with the little ones. We had been going to another local pediatrics practice for nearly seven years but once we found such great care, convenience and service at Riverside Pediatrics after hours, we changed to their practice for our scheduled well visits, too!

- D.R.C

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